Infantile animations in Madrid:

We elaborate the more spectacular and funny celebrations and infantile animations of Madrid. All type of services so that the celebration is unforgettable.
Ll¡manos and we will do the best infantile celebration to you of Madrid.
We at home realise infantile animations in Madrid or in our infantile premises of celebration.

So that the infantile celebration is a success we offer:

  • Infantile animations with the best entertainers of Madrid
  • Thematic celebrations with the infantile characters whom you like more
  • Mini show disc and cantajuegos
  • Spectacles of magic and science
  • Story tellers, puppets and infantile theater
  • Pintacaras, globolexia and all type of factories
  • Beauty party and baby to shower
  • Ginkanas
  • Inflatable castles and attractions

  • Infantile animations

    €¢ Animation for infantile celebrations basic:

    Animation stars between all our clients. Our entertainers will make globoflexia, who are little figures with globes to distribute to each boy, infantile make-up of faces and adapted infantile games to the ages, having been able also match with music.
    You will be able to choose clothes of our entertainers; pirates, you foretell, princess, payasetes, sings games ......
    Our basic animations adapt to all the ages of the children.

    Price: from 80‚¬

    You will be able to add extras as mini disc, magic, g¼i±ol, science, stories, cantajuegos€¦

    Consultation our combined animations

    €¢ Animation for infantile celebrations with magic:

    Our entertainers will realise infantile basic magic, globoflexia and games adapted to the ages of the children; it is possible to be included pintacaras and dances.
    You will be able to choose clothes that you want for the entertainer: pirates, princess, you foretell, infantile magician, sings games, payasete etc.

    Acaonsejada age: of 5 to 12 years

    Prices from 100 Euros

    €¢ Animation for infantile celebrations mini show disc:

    The entertainers will realise group choreographies that the children will learn to realise them later to dance them could be: with he sings games or for more majors we have to the most famous figures of the moment as the Monster High, Violet Show, present songs€¦

    Ages: as of 5 years

    Prices from: 80 Euros

    Our entertainers go characterized with very funny clothes.

    €¢ Ginkanas of games:

    You will have to happen through all our games towards obtaining the track that finally took to secure the prize to you. A multitude of games. We can tematizarlas as of pirates, the search of the treasure, Ali babba, sport.

    Age recommended from: 6 years

    Price: from 110 Euros

    €¢ Animations and science

    In this animation our entertainers will do scientific experiments, games, globofelxia. Participating animation apt for children as of 5 years.

    Prices: from 120 Euros

    €¢ Animation and cantajuegos

    Where the funniest musics of sing them the most original games and choreographies cannot lack. We will combine it with games, globoflexia and pintacaras.

    Ages: as of 1 year

    Price: from 80 Euros

    €¢ Story tellers and Animation:

    Our entertainers will make stories adapted to the ages of the children combining with animation, expensive infantile make-up and dot.

    Ages: of 2 to 7 years

    Price from: 120 Euros

    €¢ Frozen celebration:

    Our characterized entertainers of the characters of the series will realise dances, choreographies, music and games. Pintacaras can be done.

    A full animation of choreographies and music for all the public.

    Price from: 100 Euros

    €¢ Violet show:

    Our characterized entertainers of the character of the series will make all the songs and dances of Violetta, in addition to pass of models and participating games.

    €¢ Celebrations of princess:

    The characterized entertainers of the princess of the moment will realise games, pintacaras and music to feel as a princess: all this tematizado.

    For any age.

    Price from: 90 Euros

    €¢ Beauty Party - Fashion Celebration:

    That your girl feels as one celebrity. We will paint it, comb, we will do the manicure to him and how no! soon a pass of models with photographies and carpets red!

    Age: from 6 years

    Price: from 120 Euros

    €¢ Animation and gui±ol:

    It combines stories with puppets, animation and globoflexia so that the children can participate.

    Ages (of 2 to 6 years)

    Price: from 110 Euros

    €¢ Baby Shower:

    SSabemos the special thing that is this day for that reason we completely organized the celebration from decoration, animation for babies, catering for Popes and children€¦
    So that papas and children can celebrate that so special day.

    From 90 Euros

    €¢ Show of clowns:

    Spectacle of one hour of duration made up of two very funny clowns who will make an funny super familiar spectacle.

    From 220 Euros

    €¢ Spectacle of magic:

    Our professional magician would realise during one hour a spectacle of spectacular magic, table elevations, letter tricks, cords, rabbit, doves€¦ consults by our magicians.

    From 180 Euros

    €¢ Puppets

    €¢ Animation of Christmas/Halloween/carnival

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