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Inflatable castles:

Inflatable castles Madrid

In magical infantile celebrations we offer a great amount of castles designed for each event, or are communions, birthday or events of company and institutions.
We have Inflatable castles several sizes and budgets, castles of interior and outside. All our castles have R.C insurance. Obligatory, and they fulfill the norm of the European Community, we offer different modalities from rent, with monitor or without him, and have a range that you yourself you can gather it in our office to lower costs.

Mini inflatable castles:

They are those ideal castles for reduced spaces, are even possible to be put in interior, apt for you sin more of the house.
These castles can come to gather them in our facilities given so large his reduced and comfort.
(It asks for ours promotional packs with animation or catering)

Recommended ages: of 1 to 6 years.
Number of children: up to 5 children simultaneously.

Rent of inflatable castles
Inflatable castles for infantile celebrations

Normal castles standard or:

These castles have some perfect dimensions for any event, since they are greater and they welcome greater number of children.
They are castles that can rent them only with assembly and disassembling or can contract monitor for the castle.

Recommended ages: of 1 to 12 years.
Number of children: up to 15 children following the model.

(Consultation our options low COST and promotional supplies)

Inflatable castles for celebrations
Inflatable castles for events

Great castles or stands for casks:

The great castles are perfect for the clients who do not have space problems, we as much have the great range of different sizes as thematic.
Stands for casks: the castle stars par excellence since in addition to zone of inflatable castle, it has a great slide where the children enjoy to the maximum.

Recommended ages: of 4 to 13 years.
Number of children: up to 20 following the model.

(Consultation our promotions and services low-COST)

Giant slides:

Impressive Inflatable slides apt for any infantile event where there is not space problem, their impressive inclines make as much pass it in great to children as great.

Recommended ages: of 6 in future.
Number of children: when raising and lowering it is the castle that greater level of rotation they have reason why in events of great number of children it is the best option (schools, city councils, companies€¦)

Inflatable sport and it ventures:

Inflatable E.M.M have a great variety of sport and venture as much for the accomplishment of any infantile and youthful event for individuals as for organisms public and companies.
These castles are of great capacity always with an adventurous and sport character.
Human Futbol­n, American track, Inflatable games of soccer and youthful and infantile basketball, climbing walls.
Especially indicated for events of great volume of children and adults.
These Inflatable ones are apt for all the young public and majors.

Capacity: great capacity in all the options.

(Consultation ours promotional packs renting more of an inflatable one)

Aquatic castles and animate-swimming pools:

The best option for the high temperatures, at the height of summer apt for celebrations of schools, companies and individuals we have two systems:
Aquatic castles: they are those that allow the water entrance, aquatic slides, aquatic labyrinths, have built-in swimming pool.

It animates swimming pools: Inflatable that goes within the swimming pool, they do not take wiring and they are super funny.

(Consultation our promotions low-COST)

Frequent questions:

How long it is the rent of the castle?

Then it will depend on the type of castle that you choose; for example the small ones you can gather it in our office and even bring it to the 24 hours or the weekend, following the availability.
If you decide on a medium castle, we mounted it to the hour that you indicate to us and we always gather it to the hour that comes to you well, being in the same strip of the day.
For example we took it to 10 in the morning and we can at night gather it until the 10
And finally our mechanical attractions are always rented by 4 or 8 hours including monitor

Do Your castles fulfill the homologation norm and have safe R.C.?

Indeed our castles fulfill all the norms and they always include safe R.C.

If I reserve the castle and we see that it rains, I will lose my money?

No. We whenever he has not left the truck will be able to annul to the service by meteorological inclemencies without cost some for the client.
Normally a day before already we will know the time that he is going to do and the service will be able to be annulled.

Magical Infantile celebrations

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