Spectacles for infantile celebrations

The possibilities of animation and spectacles are many that we can offer to you.

We work with actors and personnel trained in the treatment, divertimento and taken care of the boy.

We advised to you that type of animation and spectacle is adapted for the ages of the children.

€¢ Show of clowns:

Spectacle of one hour of duration formed by two full clowns of humor, comicalness and diversion; an infantile and familiar spectacle apt for particular celebrations, schools, city councils and companies.

€¢ Spectacle of magic:

Yes you want to enjoy the best infantile magic and familiar this is the best option; our magicians during one hour of duration will make you happen awhile unforgettable. Spectacle realised by professional magicians where they cannot lack elevations of tables, letter games, handkerchiefs and yes you want it also animal.

€¢ Spectacle of science:

Spectacle directed for all the public preferably for ages as of 6 years; our scientists will teach the most surprising experiments to you.

€¢ Circus and Juggling:

Full spectacle of color and light; we have all the circus figures to make an unforgettable thematic event based on the world of the circus.

€¢ Infantile orchestras:

We have the best pedagogical infantile orchestras; especially indicated for city councils and schools, the perfect option so that the small ones initiate a contact with music.

€¢ Infantile theater:

We count on adapted infantile play multitude for all the public, worked with the best dramatists of the sector and adapted our works to the exigencies of each client. Companies, city councils and schools certify the quality of our works, all of them with an educative message.
Also we created works for our clients with thematic; road safety, health, rights of the children, environment€¦.

Consult to us without commitment.

€¢ Puppets:

Our theater of puppets is the best option for smallest, one hour of duration of the funniest marionettes within a thematic magical theater and with educative for the small ones.

€¢ Cantajuegos:

We have spectacles based on dances and choreographies, where smallest they will not be able to stop enjoying singing and dancing.

€¢ Fitness:

Also we realised shows of fitness: It hums for children, body combat.

€¢ Spectacles to size:

We create customized spectacles for each client consults our options.

We also offer a great variety of infantile factories for events.
Factories of cakes, plate factories, factories of globoflexia, factories of beauty, factories of games, factories of manualidades, factories of percussion, factories of origami, factories of theater for children etc.

Consult to us.

Magical Infantile celebrations

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