Infantile birthday parties:

Infantile birthday parties We know the responsibility that entails organizing the birthday party of your son, nephew, relative, friend€¦ for that reason our company has been born, so that you forget everything and you let to us organize the infantile celebration that always you dreamed.
We offer all type to you of details, from infantile animations, infantile birthdays, infantile spectacles, inflatable castles, factories, decoration, invitations, chuches, catering, afternoon snack with American carts.

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We are specialistic in the integral organization of infantile birthday parties and took to end any idea. We realise all these celebrations and very many options more from an infantile birthday to a celebration of course aim.
We characterized ourselves because we realised each infantile event developing and improving the idea of the client. We have a specific equipment to any infantile celebration.
We are pioneering in the execution of infantile projects of all class, we only worked with professional people and absolutely all our artists are professional actors.
We offer infantile celebrations of quality and all the services are of first.

You want that your infantile birthday party is tematizada?

E.M.M realises customized infantile birthday parties totally and we took care of all the details.
Most important it is the taste of the children, for that reason all our celebrations totally customized are adapted each client. We guarantee is the quality in all our services.

We organize all type of infantile celebrations of 0 to 14 years.


We offer many options of adapted infantile animations to the ages, the space and needs of each client; we offer basic animations, scientific, infantile theater, gymkanas animations with magic, animations€¦

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Also we offer professional spectacles for birthday: clowns, magicians, puppets, count stories, infantile theater ---

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Also we give to services of catering for birthday designing different types from menus and formats: in trays, food carts, also we realised sweet tables for birthday and we realised cakes in fondant.

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He complements your infantile birthday party contracting some of our spectacular inflatable castles; we have models apt for each age.

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And finally and less important we did not decorate any infantile birthday with globes and t©matizado household: arcs, columns with globes, bouquets ..... info creates a magical space with our decorations for birthday - more€¦

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