Magical Infantile celebrations


Celebrations for children of employees:

E.M.M. it organizes the best infantile celebrations for the children of your employees! We know the important thing that they are the children and your employees very will be thanked for if the company spends a day to them to them. We cause that the children of your employees feel like the kings in the papa company and sucks.

He organizes an infantile celebration in the company.

When Christmas arrives we put a special touch in the celebrations, they are special days for kids and we make the more original and special Christmas celebrations for kids infantile.


We take infantile animation to entertain to ni±os/as and can let to the parents enjoy the moment of a food.

Our infantile entertainers would take to end all a series of games, pintacaras and globoflexia, factories, manualidades€¦. and they will maintain them entertained while the parents finish eating.

Pon animation in your Restaurant and you will see as the Popes will be enchanted to go to eat to your space.

Shopping malls:

Magical Infantile celebrations have an exclusive department to the accomplishment of marketing campaigns to improve the sales of any product and to attract customer. We realise campaigns in shopping malls, multinationals, restaurants.
We have the best and more novel ideas to the execution of any infantile celebration by very great that is.

We take to end infantile animation, spectacles, castles, day-care centers, factories of all type, ginkanas of games ......

Consult to us without commitment. Our clients guarantee to us.

Special Christmas/Halloween/Cavalcades of Kings/Carnival:

They are celebrations very indicated and to the children it enchants to them to enjoy them.

We bring Pope to you Noel, the magical Kings, all the Christmas figures and possible cavalcades.

In Halloween we will do of your somewhat terrifying celebration, from the animation and spectacle happening through the decoration and catering tematizado.

The Carnival is something that we cannot forget, we will disguise to everybody and the puppets and pasacalles will take step to the diversion.

City councils:

Magical Infantile celebrations organize infantile celebrations of all type and we did not forget the supervisory celebrations.

If it is the celebration of your municipality we took all the diversion for kids to you:

Castles mechanical Attractions Spectacles CAarritos Animation of meals Games Factories

And in celebrations so indicated as Christmas and Carnaval we cannot forget the cavalcades and pasacalles to us.

Schools and day-care centers:

We carry out all type of celebrations for schools: from Christmas, aim of course, Halloween, celebration of the spring, anniversaries of schools€¦

Integral celebration from animation, spectacles, castles, afternoon snacks, music ......

Opening and closing of swimming pools:

It is the ideal moment to celebrate the beginning or end summer.

To the children they will like to be able to have a celebration with their friendly of the urbanization, district€¦. We took inflatable animation, music, afternoon snack, castles and aquatic castles to you€¦.

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Magical Infantile celebrations

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