Infantile celebrations


The premises for infantile celebrations in Madrid:

The premises for infantile celebrations in Madrid

We have the perfect room so that you can realise your celebration with us.

We rent the premises in exclusive feature so that you can celebrate your infantile celebration in Madrid.

We celebrate birthday, baptisms, communions, baby to shower.

€¢ Sala

We have a room of 80 meters square diaphanous with:

  • Office cooks: refrigerator, microwaves and laundry
  • Adapted bathroom to handicapped people
  • Tables of catering of children and adults
  • Chairs of children and adults
  • Elastic bed
  • Castles inflatable
  • Equipment of sound

Located in the heat of center of Madrid: street City of Cold n 24/32 ship 71
The premises are given and you have absolute privacy during the contracted hours.
You can take your food, decorate€¦
Or those services you we can offer.

€¢ Extra services

In our premises of infantile celebrations Madrid you will be able to contract extra services as:

  • Infantile animations
  • Mini show disc and cantajuegos
  • Spectacles of magic and science
  • Story tellers, puppets and infantile theater
  • Pintacaras, globolexia and all type of factories
  • Beauty party and baby to shower
  • American Catering, afternoon snack, carts, tables of candies and chuches
  • Decoration with globes

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The premises for infantile celebrations in Madrid
the premises and restaurants for infantile celebrations in Madrid

Magical Infantile celebrations

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